Communicating with Teens the Way They Communicate With Each Other

Can you believe it? We are already at the end of the month of May and school is out. Hopefully you’ve set your summer agenda for your youth ministry and you’re ready for the fun to begin!

Whatever events you have planned for the summer, one of the best ways to communicate with your students this summer is via text messaging. (And yes, parents and volunteers should be included on the text-list as well.)

We have listed some practical ideas on how you can start using mobile text messaging in your youth ministry and connect with your students beyond Sunday:

  1. Announcements and last-minute reminders;
  2. Event cancellations;
  3. Birthday wishes (go green!);
  4. Bible verses & inspirational quotes;
  5. Contests, quizzes, and polls;
  6. Prayer chain and praise reports;
  7. Introduce the weekend’s upcoming lesson; and
  8. Gain quick feedback about an idea or a question.

While there are several test messaging services from which to choose, we highly recommend our own TextingFaith all-in-one multi-channel platform. It’s user-friendly and will allow you to utilize text messaging, email, voice broadcast, instant messaging, and social media all from one site. Try it today for FREE - just click this link:  FREE 15-day trial.

We would love to hear from you about ways you have incorporated mobile text messaging into your communications mix. Please share below.

Your Sister in Christ,


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