5 Reasons Why the Church Needs a Mobile Presence

Mobile Presence
As promised, I want to share with you five reasons why your church should have a mobile presence:

  1. The world’s access to mobile has expanded.  The International Telecommunication Union estimated that at the end of 2011, there were approximately 6 billion (yes, billion) worldwide mobile cellular subscriptions. That is equivalent to 87% of the world population! Mobile subscriptions even outnumber fixed telephone lines by 5 to 1. Additionally, there are 1.2 billion active mobile-broadband subscriptions (mobile internet access) in the world. That is 17% of the global population.
  2. People own more phones than computers. According to data from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, a higher percentage of US adults owns a mobile phone than owns a computer. Pew data indicated that 85% of Americans now own a cell phone. Meanwhile, three-quarters (76%) of Americans own either a desktop or laptop computer.
  3. People are using mobile phones more to browse the web or conduct a search. Consumer mobile web use continues to increase daily. Reports have shown that one out of every five Americans uses their cell phone web browser at least once a day. Other surveys have found that 25% of US mobile web users only access the web from their mobile phones. They do not, or very rarely, use a desktop or laptop to access the web. This number will only continue to grow as more and more people purchase smartphones. MorganStanley even predicted that mobile will be bigger than desktop internet by 2015.
  4. Mobile giving is on the rise. Previous research from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has found that one in five US adults (20%) have made a charitable contribution online, and that one in ten (9%) have made a charitable contribution using the text messaging feature on their mobile phone. Technology is increasingly relevant to Americans’ monetary contributions to the causes and organizations they support.
  5. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media tools often come pre-installed on mobile devices. Social media is all about engagement. And now that so many of these tools come pre-installed on mobile devices (and cannot be removed or deleted), it provides a great opportunity for churches and ministry group to engage with the millions of users on mobile devices.

In a nutshell, your church should have a mobile presence because that’s where the people are! I believe that a mobile presence should be an important part of a church’s overall growth strategy. Yes, you have a church or ministry website but just because people may be able to view your PC Website with a mobile device with an HTML browser, doesn’t mean it is a pleasant or fulfilling experience.

Check out the blog next week as I will share HOW your church can have a mobile presence.

Your Sister in Christ,


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